Forex trading – An Overview for beginners


Forex trading is basically trading of currencies. The currency pairs are traded in the FX or the Forex market. In fact, this market is regarded as one of the largest in terms of the average traded values. You can trade FX any time of the day as the market is open round the clock. Currencies belonging to different countries are traded. Interestingly, this trade is a much sought after form of trade owing to the high returns a trader gets to enjoy.

The fact that there are several online trading platforms available these days, it has become easier for a trader, irrespective of whether he is an amateur or veteran to trade at his own convenience and pace.

Forex trading – How to go about it

It is a simple form of trade and prior to starting it off; there are few terms that you need to understand.

Understand terms and concept

Most importantly, understanding these words is not enough; you need to understand the underlying concept. These terms include exchange rate, quote currency, ask price, bid price, short position, long position, and spread, just to mention a few.

Decide currency pairs to be traded

Next, you are required to decide which currency pair you intend to trade. For this, you have to understand how the market is performing, the trends, and which currency pair is performing the best. Here, it may be mentioned that there are several factors that will decide the fate of your trade that include political and economic scenario of the country or if any major event has taken place. Next, profits are to be calculated.

Seeking assistance from professionals

It is always a good idea to seek professional assistance. By doing so, you can go through the infographic and online tutorial section, which is of immense help. Know and learn more about the trend and get a better grasp on the subject. While selecting an online brokerage firm, find out if it is regulated by FCA or Financial Conduct Authority in UK and if you are residing in US, the firm has to be regulated by NFA or National Futures Association and CFTC or Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Identify the best online trading platform

Once you are thorough with the concept and you have signed up with an online brokerage firm, you can start trading. Ideally, you can start slow. Study the market conditions and then invest in your favorite currency pair.

There are several instances when traders have lost miserably in the initial stages only to emerge as winners later. It won’t be wrong to say that major part of the success can be attributed to the trading platform service providers that guide traders to win. In this regard, ETX Capital has earned accolades for guiding traders wisely at the FX market.

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