How to Live Comfortably and Keep an Eye On Your Personal Finance

Keeping a keen eye on your personal finance is hard. One minute you’ve got a large amount of savings, the next you’re forking over half for a car tire you lost to a pot hole. While not necessarily your fault, you still have to pay to maintain your vehicle. The best way to live comfortably and keep an eye on your personal finance is to find ways to save big. Below are some great ways to cut your budget, all while still doing the things you love.

Food and Entertainment

Going to the movies costs a small fortune, and don’t even get me started on eating out. There are great ways to save on these things just by using your mobile phone. Coupon apps and websites like Groupon allow you to look up codes or purchase vouchers right from your mobile. From 50% off at your favorite restaurant to a weekend getaway via a cheap rental car from places like Fox Rent A Car, utilizing apps for savings is a great way to still have fun.

Home Furnishings

Your washer broke mid-cycle and you’re about to haul your wet clothes in a trash bag to your local laundromat 15 miles from your house. Stop right there. Try searching online for sweet deals and free shipping. Most stores combine coupon codes/promo codes and free shipping on appliances. Places like Sears and Home Depot understand you probably can’t get out of work, nor do you have a truck to haul it. This is a great way to save on heavy expenses.


Not always about the label, sometimes clothes and fashion are really about quality. Quality brands last longer, and are a little more expensive. Yet, totally worth it when you can snag a 50-90% off coupon from Groupon for stores like Nordstrom, Finish Line, Forever 21 and Sports Authority. Check online in order to go fashion forward and still keep your finances in check.

Personal Items

The things you need are always the things retailers make the most expensive. We all shave, whether it’s our face or legs, and razors are ridiculously priced. Don’t even get me started on designer tampons. No woman needs $30 tampons. Ever. Saving on these items is so easy: Check for deals at stores like Walgreens. Google coupon codes from Groupon. Use your code at check out, and watch the money fall off your final price–usually up to 90% off.

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